• Client Self-initiated
  • Project Identity System and Book Design
  • Year 2014
  • Creative director Luka Predragović
  • Designer Luka Predragović
Torchio 24 publishing house questions book design and the role of the designer as its reader and consumer. Using three works by one author (C. Bukowski) it is shown that designing a book doesn’t necessarily have to follow standard guidelines but that it is possible to approach every single book in an individual and unusual manner. Torchio 24 presents a completely subjective take on content and its influence on the reader/designer. It gathered three differently designed books, visually connecting their outward appearance and created a distinguished identity of a publishing house under the same name. Torchio 24 books are not necessarily designed with the purpose of consuming the original literary text, instead giving the designer the freedom to format the text through typographic intervention and layout, thereby creating a completely new and different literary work.