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Art Direction
Concept Development
Brand Strategy
Image Consulting
Name Development
Print & Editorial
Signage Systems
Product Packaging
Exhibition Design
UI / UX Design
Web and Design
Back and Front Development
Type Design
Experimental Advertising
Founder and creative director
Luka Maji Predragović
Mo — Maji Pet
Sanjin Kaštelan — Maji Photographer
Vinko Vacek — Maji Programmer
Vjeko Vacek — Maji Translator

Hello! Maji is an independent multidisciplinary design practice focusing on the design of visual communications. Maji is based in Zagreb, Croatia, and it is led by its founder, owner and creative director Luka Maji Predragović.

Professional attitude and a belief that good design should be more than just an aesthetic play is what best describes Maji’s work. Good design is intersection of message, function and beauty. Whether it is for larger or more independent clients, Maji’s approach gives equal care and attention to concepts, details, argumentative thoughts and crafts that are then carefully applied from conceptual stages to the launch of the project. Maji believes that every client has its own story that deserves individual approach and while exploring the ideas, Maji primarily cares. End result is the most powerful tool to communicate client’s story.

Since it is Maji’s attitude to be open to new ideas and cooperations, Maji has many talented and creative friends. So, whatever you need, Maji can deliver it. Maji enjoys taking a wide scope of cultural and commercial projects — from one-off items or full range communication materials through consistent systems. Maji delivers created visual language across all of the communication platforms: print, digital and environment. So far, Maji has designed visual identities, product packagings, publications, posters, signage systems, exhibitions, typefaces, interiors, websites, smartphone apps and print adds. All these design projects have more or less the same process which can be described in several steps.

Brief — Every project starts with the brief. This is the phase when a client approaches Maji with needs to visually communicate values.

Research — First, Maji runs a research, as detailed as possible, about client, company, product or whatever the subject of the project is. The point of this phase is to find out as much as possible about the subject and about its current position in the industry, its competition and customers.

Synthesis — After having researched the subject, all information are analysed and Maji starts to work on directions, tone and mood of the future project. First sketches are born.

Design — This phase is where the magic starts to happen. Through sketching, many directions are born, but some stand out as good and those are the ones that are developed further. This is still the part of this phase where everything happens on paper by hand and pencil. After selecting few directions, Maji moves to screen and this is where digital happens. In a period of a few days, selected directions are tested to see if they still hold when applied by some means of communication that are relevant to the subject such as website, publications, stationery, social media etc.

Presentation — After putting together a presentation for each and every selected direction, it is time to show them to the client. It is usually done in person or via Skype if personal contact is impossible. In this phase, every concept is explained step by step. Every part of the presentation has its reason and, therefore, it deserves attention both of Maji and of the client. At the end, the client selects one of the concepts and Maji goes on to the next phase.

Development and production — The last phase is where some final tests of the project’s communication are done as well as some final design details. After this Maji starts a collaboration with production contractors to ensure that the project is produced as intended. This means going to print shops, checking materials and samples, working with programmers, copywriters, photographers and all of the other Maji’s associates to ensure the best final results. Consistent implementation through every material produced in this phase is the key to good branding and that is why Maji invests a great deal of time and care to make sure that the very best is delivered to the client in the end.

Maji believes it is a good and smart investment to include a design practice in the early phase of planning. If you have a project you want to realise, Maji can help you clarify your communication needs and determine your design directions. Maji is passionate about its work and loves to collaborate with clients who are equally passionate about theirs.

Maji’s also looking forward to meeting new and creative people, so if you are that kind of people and would like to work with Maji, feel free to get in touch by any mean of communication.